How to Live to 200: A Podcast About Science, Technology, & Human Longevity.


Is it possible to live to 200?

What are the limits of human longevity? Scientists, philosophers, and the general public continue to dissect and debate these questions. They guide some of the greatest minds in pursuit of improving—and maximizing—the human condition. While scientific breakthroughs are happening everywhere, the effects are slow to work their way into the general public.

Yet the conversation about human longevity is happening all around us. It’s fueled by the biohackers, personal scientists, and freewheeling human guinea pigs willing to dive headfirst into the scientific unknown. People like us. We want to not only be part of the longevity conversation, but to be at the forefront of the discoveries. We want to help people take control of their health and wellness. We believe that the greatest tool we have is our ability to democratize information. And what better way to disseminate information than with a podcast?

Beginning Tuesday, July 3rd, we're launching the How to Live to 200 Podcast. Our goal is to transform the latest and greatest scientific studies, hacks, and methods into actionable insights to help you live a longer, healthier, and happier life.

Each week we'll talk with some of the brightest minds in their respective fields, including everything from the gut microbiome to regenerative medicine and cryonics. Our guests will share bleeding edge science, stories from their personal journey, and targeted applications of their work. These are pioneers, scientists, cutting-edge thinkers, and entrepreneurs who are advancing the longevity conversation.

We hope you're inspired, motivated, and transformed by the information we share. Transformation starts right here, right now. All you need to do to get started is subscribe.

Your path to living to 200 starts here. Thank you for joining us on this journey.