Sex, Diet, and Mindfulness: Transforming Women’s Health with Dr. Maggie Ney

Dr. Maggie Ney – Co-Director of the Women’s Clinic and Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

Today’s episode is one of a kind. It’s a long overdue discussion on a topic that takes a backseat far too often - women’s health. To help us understand and explore this topic, we enlisted naturopathic doctor and co-director of the Women’s Clinic at Akasha, Dr. Maggie Ney.

Dr. Ney’s expertise is in healthy aging for women, with a special focus on hormone balancing. Her interest in this particular area is both incredibly relevant and highly personal. Having previously struggled with her own hormonal imbalance issues as a teenager, her enthusiasm is deeply rooted.

In our conversation with Dr. Ney, we cover a lot of really interesting topics ranging from recommendations for pregnant women to why she thinks hormone replacement therapy is critical after menopause and the what latest treatments for women’s sexual health. The conversation answers many important questions, including:

  • Why she’s focused on women’s health

  • What Maggie recommends for stress reduction

  • How diet can impact your menstrual cycle

  • What are the differences in fasting between men and women

  • What changes has Maggie seen in women getting pregnant

  • What Maggie recommends for women entering menopause

  • What is the Mona Lisa Touch

This conversation covers so much important information; we can’t recommend it enough. Be sure to check out the incredible lightning round at the end of the episode, where Maggie shares specific advice for women of different age groups. We hope you enjoy the episode and share it with your friends, family, and colleagues.

We hope you enjoy!

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