How to Build the Body from the Inside Out

Wade Lightheart – Natural National Body Building Champion and Author

Life finds a way to nudge us in the right direction. Wade Lightheart is a wonderful example of how fate positions people on a life-changing path. Wade is a 3-time Natural National Bodybuilding Champion, advisor, and author. His latest book, “Staying Alive in a Toxic World”, details his natural approach to achieve incredible health results, regardless of your individual circumstances. But Wade’s journey to natural bodybuilding was set long ago, when as a young-adult, Wade experienced three pivotal events that forever shaped his health and fitness future.

In today’s podcast, we learn about Wade’s journey to bodybuilding and the near-encyclopedic knowledge he’s accumulated for enzymes, amino acids, digestion, and physical and mental performance. We really cover a lot of ground in this episode. We spend a while diving into the details of his meditation practice, learning about the machine he uses to customize his water intake, and much more, including:

  • How climate impacts raw diet

  • Wade’s daily diet and nutrition regimen

  • How Wade sustains energy on a reduced protein diet

  • How Wade integrates “cheat days” into his diet

  • What dietary changes Wade recommends for strength vs. endurance

  • What are the key benefits Wade derives from amino acids

  • The differences between amino acids and enzymes

  • Why Wade recommends using a journal

  • Travel-ready superfoods

  • What is the storage capacity of water

  • The 5 types of water Wade uses every day

This episode is an eye-opening look into the little details we often overlook. We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did! Please don’t forget to share the podcast with your friends, family, and colleagues.

We hope you enjoy!

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