Cat Poop and the Secrets of the Microbiome

Ivan Liachko – Co-founder & CEO at Phase Genomics

Today’s guest is Ivan Liachko. Ivan is Co-Founder and CEO of a fascinating University of Washington spinout, Phase Genomics. With 20 years of experience and a Ph.D. in Genetics, Ivan is a leading expert in genetic/genomic research. Ivan and his teams at Phase Genomics have developed a new genomic discovery that, among other things, can help lead to longer lives and new drug developments.

In this episode, we learn all about Lil Bub and how the internet famous cat’s poop helped Ivan discover entirely new organisms. In addition to some incredible discussions about the microbiome, we discuss parabiosis, genomic sequencing, and interesting future-facing technologies. Throughout our conversation we cover a lot of valuable info, including:

  • What Ivan learned from Lil Bub

  • What is Parabiosis for poop transplants

  • What Ivan recommends for chronic issues

  • The difference between genome and metagenome

  • How Ivan imagines tech helping in the near future

This episode is really scientific and you know what, we think it’s fantastic. Please don’t forget to share the podcast with your friends, family, and colleagues. If you enjoy this episode, be sure to check out the episodes with Alex Jiao of Silene Biotech and Leen Kawas of M3 Biotechnology.

We hope you enjoy!

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