“Uncle Fat” and What You Can Do to Prevent Overeating

Stephan Guyenet – Neuroscientist and Author

Our guest today is Stephan Guyenet, Ph.D. Stephan has spent a long time in the neuroscience research world studying neurodegenerative disease and the neuroscience of body fatness. In other words, he knows why it’s so hard to stick to your New Year’s resolution. He’s the author of The Hungry Brain, a book detailing the complex relationship between hormones, habits, and overeating.

During our conversation, we run the gamut on all aspects of body weight optimization, from drivers to set points and metabolic rate. Stephan has such a deep passion for the intricate connections that inhibit our ability to lose weight and stay healthy. Throughout our conversation we cover a lot of really practical details, including:

  • What key factors cause us to overeat and what we can do to stay balanced

  • What your metabolism actually does and why it matters so much for weight maintenance

  • Who is “Uncle Fat” and what he tells us about the traditional America diet

  • What foods Stephan keeps in his backpack to stay healthy and energized while hiking

  • What health advice Stephan disagrees with at the moment

Given the time of year, this conversation is incredibly topical, so we hope you find it helpful in your annual pursuit of a happier, healthier you. Please don’t forget to share the podcast with your friends, family, and colleagues.

We hope you enjoy!

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