The Microbiome and Personal Science w/ Richard Sprague, Founder,

Richard Sprague is an experienced technology executive and biohacking enthusiast. He’s served as a high level executive at both Apple and Microsoft, and worked for numerous startups, including WebTV Networks. He also co-founded Ensembio, a personal health tracking startup. He has a degree in computational linguistics from Stanford and an MBA from Wharton.

Recently, he’s been focused on the gut microbiome -- the ecosystem of bacteria that’s present in the intestines of every human being. Richard has been cataloguing and analyzing his own gut microbiome for over a year, and is working on an initiative to help others track and analyze the bacteria living inside them.

In this episode, we answer questions on the gut microbiome. Should you care about your microbiome? How can you test your microbiome? How does your microbiome change over time? Why are there differences in the microbiome between people? How can you improve your microbiome?

We hope you enjoy!

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