Leading the Anti-Aging Revolution

Aubrey de Grey – Longevity Expert

Our guest today needs no introduction. It is the one and only Aubrey de Grey, a leading biomedical gerontologist, computer scientist, author, and entrepreneur whose work in longevity research is widely known and regularly referenced by many in the industry. He is the Chief Science Officer of the SENS Research Foundation and VP of New Technology Discovery at AgeX Therapeutics, Inc. In many respects, Aubrey is one of the most prominent, if not provocative figures in longevity science.

What makes Aubrey so provocative? Well, aside from his exceptionally long beard, he is the leading advocate of the controversial view that technology may one day enable humans to control the aging process and live well into our hundreds, or even thousands. As much as he believes this, he also knows that there are two main obstacles to achieving this utopia: money and time. While Aubrey’s research is funded by some of the biggest investors, he notes that the “pro-aging trance” has historically held them back. This conversation with Aubrey uncovers the theory of his pro-aging trance phenomena and many incredibly insightful details, including:

  • How to remove senescent cells from our body

  • What investments are at the top of his list

  • Why investor Peter Thiel gave him $6M in funding

  • What locations are hot spots for longevity research and innovation

  • Where he’s seen the biggest breakthroughs

  • When we can expect to benefit from his research

  • What is the “pro-aging trance” and why it’s holding us back

This was a really exciting episode that gave the team a chance to hear a unique perspective. We hope you enjoy the episode and share it with your friends, family, and colleagues.

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