Why this Best-Selling Author is Investing in Longevity

Sonia Arrison – Futurist, Author, and Founder of 100 Plus Capital

Most of us watch reality TV shows to escape our responsibilities and indulge in something less than wholesome. Today's guest found something interesting nestled in her indulgence. While watching the Fox reality TV show The Swan, famed author and investor Sonia Arrison detected the pending human longevity revolution that was just around the corner. She began investigating the effects that increased human longevity would have on society, culminating in her book 100 Plus: How the Coming Age of Longevity Will Change Everything, From Careers and Relationships to Family and Faith.

While we at L200 are still wondering what it looks like to live to 200, Sonia literally wrote the book on what it means to live past 100. Sonia's interest in human longevity started long before her encounter with The Swan. As a young girl, she noticed that while her grandparents were aging quite well, others did not fare so well. This sparked her curiosity and set her on a lifelong journey in longevity science.

Today, Sonia and her team at 100 Plus Capital invest in some of the most innovative companies positively impacting human longevity. As an active investor, Board Member at the Thiel Foundation, and a Senior Fellow at the Fraser Institute, Sonia’s research and intuition delivers a unique perspective that proved highly-engaging in our conversation. During this podcast we explore Sonia's investment focus, her diverse background, and her view on a number of interesting topics, including:

  • What has changed since Sonia wrote her book

  • Why longevity is good for economic growth

  • What are the hot longevity topics at Silicon Valley cocktail parties

  • What investment categories are interesting for Sonia

  • Where she sees the most innovation

  • How 911 changed her perspective on human health

  • What Sonia thinks of the latest trends/fads (e.g. Keto, fasting)

This was an incredible episode that left our team feeling optimistic and energized. Be sure to catch the (new) lightning round at the end of the episode for Sonia’s take on the latest and greatest trends in healthy living!

We hope you enjoy!

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