The Columbia Episode - Medical Tourism and Experimental Gene Therapies with Liz Parrish

Liz Parish – CEO of BioViva

On this week’s episode of the How to Live to 200 podcast, we speak with Liz Parrish, CEO of BioViva. Join us as we go on a journey as we learn about Liz’s highly controversial medical tourism trip and the experimental gene therapies she’s using to cure aging. While many of our guests explore the boundaries of accepted treatments and standards, Liz’s experimentation takes things to a new level.

As CEO of BioViva, Liz works diligently to push accelerate innovation in gene therapy while democratizing critical information about the benefits of these new, bleeding-edge therapies. During this eye-opening conversation, we learn about the diagnoses that kickstarted her entrepreneurial journey to find a cure for kids. Along the way, we get a glimpse into the experimental world of gene therapies and the exciting new trends that Liz expects to see in the next wave of medicine. In this episode, we find out:

  • Why is Medical tourism big in Columbia?

  • What is the process of taking experimental gene therapies?

  • What results did Liz have after her gene therapies?

  • What is the delivery mechanism for gene therapies?

  • What is the future of telomerase injection?

If you’ve ever considered medical tourism, this episode is for you. We really enjoyed getting an in-depth look at the little-known world of medical tourism and the role it plays in pushing new treatments. Sit back, relax, and join us as we venture into the unknown.

We hope you enjoy!

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Meet the entrepreneur who went halfway around the world to find a cure for kids.