When Science Fiction Becomes Reality – a Look into the Future with Ramez Naam

Ramez (Mez) Naam – Author and Futurist

Today’s guest is the famed author, entrepreneur, and futurist, Ramez (Mez) Naam. As an ex-Microsoft software engineering leader, Mez brings a unique perspective to the growing intersection between technology and wellness. After leaving Microsoft, Mez tried the more traditional technologist path and dove headfirst into building a startup. After spending a few years in the startup world, he decided to take some time away from building software to write his first book, More than Human. In many ways, that was just the beginning for Mez, as he soon found himself down the rabbit hole, exploring the science and technology at thin line between science and fiction. Since then, he’s transitioned his passion for the bold ideas found in science fiction and the head-pounding adrenaline rush from the latest cutting-edge technologies, into an incredible career as an award-winning author and futurist. Today, Mez continues to write, speak, and play an influential role in the technology work, currently serving as a leader at the infamous Singularity University, where he focuses on energy exponential technologies.

In today’s episode, we run through some really interesting topics, touching on a mix of Mez’s vision for the future and the most recent hard science that fuels his writing. He also shares his process for finding, evaluating, and dissecting critical science and technology information. Below are a few of the highlights from our in-depth conversation:

  • Where Mez looks for inspiration for futuristic technologies

  • What technologies interest him most

  • How digital health in the developing world will change in the next 10 years

  • The dangers of self-hacking

  • Why Mez thinks of the genome as spaghetti code

  • Where and how human augmentation technologies will be applied in the near future

  • Why certain countries are poised for genetic enhancement breakthroughs

  • How rats are living to the human equivalent 200

  • When can we really expect designer babies to be the standard

  • Why Mez believes in a 3-minute workout

This podcast was incredibly energizing and eye-opening for our team, so we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

We hope you enjoy!

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