Are You Living with Mercury Poisoning? - Tim Gray on Mercury Toxicity, Hyperbaric Oxygen, and Health Optimization

Tim Gray - Entrepreneur & Health Optimization Expert

Our guest this week is Tim Gray. Tim is a seriously interesting person and deeply committed biohacker/health optimization expert. As you’ll learn, Tim and T.A. met by happenstance at Baby Bathwater—an entrepreneurial event hosted in Croatia—where they quickly realized their shared enthusiasm for science, technology, and longevity. Tim’s approach to health optimization stems from his passion and commitment to everything he does; what Tim calls his “all-in or nothing” mentality.

As an entrepreneur, Tim is a specialist in psychology, neuro marketing, cognitive hypnotherapy, conversion rate optimization and SEO. His expertise in digital marketing is rooted in his own experiences as the founder of a very successful e-commerce business, and over 13 years experience of search engine marketing and psychology. He has a keen interest in body language and human behavior led him to study and gain various Oxford University recognized qualifications, including a Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy (HPD), a Master Practitioner certification in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and NVQ in Business Management. His growing interest in optimal health, having a sharp and clear mind (and “biohacking”) has also led him to open the first Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy clinic in London.

In this episode of How to Live to 200, T.A. explores some really interesting and less popular areas with Tim. We ask and answer questions on biohacking, mercury poisoning, gut bacteria, and more. Here’s a sample of what we cover:

  • How Tim used the Ketogenic diet and Bulletproof Coffee to kickstart his journey to biohacking and health optimization

  • Why Tim doesn’t like the term “biohacker”

  • What symptoms allow him to easily detect mercury toxicity in strangers

  • What tests Tim recommends to measure your mercury levels

  • What foods to avoid if you’re worried about mercury toxicity

  • What farm-raised salmon can do to your body and brain

  • Should you have your old fillings removed?

  • Tim’s personal gut microbiome optimization techniques

  • What Tim data currently tracks and how he decides what to pay attention to

  • How you can use Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to thrive

  • How do you learn to enjoy your current moment while still striving for improved health

There’s so much great info packed into this episode, so don’t be surprised if you need to take a second listen to capture all of Tim’s knowledge.

We hope you enjoy!

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