How to Live to 200
How to Live to 200
A Podcast About Science, Technology, & Human Longevity

A Podcast About Science, Technology, & Human Longevity


Topics include
Microbiome Health. Regenerative Medicine. Bio-marker Tracking. Nutrition and Supplements. Neural Engineering. Cryonics Science.

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Can we really live to 200?

Over the past fifty years, human life expectancy rates around the globe have taken a great leap forward. Rapid advances in technology and medicine continue to offer exciting new possibilities in this space, while simultaneously posing complex ethical (hello, CRISPR) and access questions that may redefine our perceptions of both human longevity and humanity itself. On the leading edge, are the experimenters, the pioneers, the biohackers, testing new approaches and techniques that promise to enhance what we have today and give us longer, much longer, to take advantage of it all. This is what we plan to explore! We hope you join us for the journey.

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Conversations at the Crossroads of Science, Technology, & Philosophy

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Regenerative Medicine

From tissue engineering to artificial cell creation, we explore the borderlands of regeneration.

Cryonics Science

Dive head first into the burgeoning, high-stakes world of low temperatures.

Bio-Marker Tracking

Optimize well-being, performance, and overall health performance through blood analysis.

Nutrition + Supplements

Understand the science benefits of tailoring your diet to optimize mental and physical performance.

Neural Engineering

Learn techniques to repair, replace, and enhance the properties of neural systems.

Microbiome Health

Think you're in control? Think again. Discover complex systems of bacteria that guide your life.


Ground-Breaking Doers & Thinkers

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